Ant Man Mod for MCPE

Download the Ant Man Mod for Minecraft PE: become so small that no living creature can possibly find and kill you.

Ant Man Mod MCPE Highlights

Marvel Studios has created numerous famous superheroes in their awe-inspiring movies, where these men and women with some peculiar abilities fight against evil and save humankind.

Therefore the Internet is full of maps, mods, texture packs for Minecraft PE, and more related to these brave and courageous heroes that protect us every day.

One of them is Ant-Man, and he is a relatively new hero that was first shown in Marvel movies a few years ago. That’s why he is less popular than Spider-Man.

Furthermore, some particular modifications add entirely new possibilities for MCPE players to play with and conserve the Overworld.


Ant-Man was called that because this superhero can shrink down and then magnify itself hundreds of times. That is precisely what you can do in Minecraft PE.

There are some unique items you can find across the world or craft yourself. Using these lets you become either so small you can fit in slabs or so big your house would look tiny.

However, creators made it pretty clear that you can abuse these differences in your favor as you might think. If you are small, thence you deal less damage.

Besides, you are no longer so fast as you were before in MCPE. Although your speed is the same as it was, you cross blocks slowlier since you’re small, after all.


The contrary process impacts your gameplay almost as much as the deduction does. You will definitely be larget and more frightening, but it also means your building skill will suffer.

Moreover, your speed undergoes as well because of your enormous size. Even a regular zombie or creeper will walk faster than an enlarged character.

Therefore future Ant Man must thoughtfully increase and decrease his sizes to benefit the most in Minecraft PE.

Ant-Man Mod
1.1.0 – 1.19.51


Yes, but it breaks with time.

You are approximately 50 blocks tall.


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