Download Minecraft PE for android with a working Xbox Live: new features of items and blocks, updated mobs, and improved commands to find locations.

What’s new in Minecraft

Creators from Mojang Studios try to improve all the game aspects. In Minecraft PE, there are a lot of small changes. For example, players can use commands to easy finding biomes.


Mangrove swamps are full of resources. Here Steve can find mangrove trees. This Minecraft biome is covered with mud, which players can use for buildings.

By the way, crafters can find any biome using the locate biome command.


These trees grow only in the new Mangrove Swamp biome. Thanks to the players have a new type of wood.

Besides, players can craft campfires from mangrove wood in Minecraft PE


Mud blocks serve as material for construction in Minecraft A player needs to dry the mud block to get a block of mud bricks.

Sculk blocks have several types in the game world. Some of them have changed. For example, catalysts got blooming sound effects.


This hostile mob is blind and lives in the Deep Dark in Minecraft PE Instead of just following the player, this creature uses special sensors on its head to feel vibrations.

Warden became more sensitive and now can feel every little sound.


Little cute Allay helps players to pick up things in Minecraft The mob can fly and dance.

It can pick up items and give them to Steve. Allay will put the found things near the music block and dance near it. All the objects glow in Allay’s hands.

Spectator mode

Users can choose this option in Minecraft PE to watch the world without their influence on the game. All the hats and capes will not render in Spectator mode.



Yes, this monster can attack any mob of the game.

There are a lot of mangrove trees in MCPE


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