Download Minecraft PE full version: play with your friends discovering amethysts, geodes, raw ore and more!

Minecraft PE – What’s new?

The developers of Mojang Studio continue to delight us with an abundance of innovations from the large-scale renovation of “Caves & Cliffs.”

In the new Minecraft PE, amethysts were added, along with a biome amethyst rod, a spyglass, so-called raw ore, and much more. Hurry up and call your friends and go to your beloved cubic world to watch the change!


This block spawns in the biome of amethysts. Any interaction with amethyst produces a pleasant sound reminiscent of bells.

On this block can grow an amethyst sprout from the world of Minecraft Just four stages of growth of the amethyst sprout. It can also grow from any part of the amethyst block.

Amethyst’s geodes

A new biome appeared in Minecraft PE This biome is similar in shape to a large ball.

It consists of three layers – the outer layer of smooth basalt, the middle of calcite, and the inner of the amethyst blocks.


A spyglass appeared with the arrival of a new Minecraft This object can be scrawled with copper ingots and a fragment of amethyst.

The spyglass is completely functional and can be closer. It makes it easier to map raids on villages.

Raw Ore

It was decided to change some ores in MCPE, namely gold, iron, and copper.

Now droplets will fall from the blocks of any ore, which can be further melted into ingots in the oven.

Thus the gameplay became more realistic and interesting, which already liked many users from the game community.


From now on, tuff sleeps on another depth in the world of Minecraft The developers decided to move the tuff to a depth of 0 to 16 blocks by y to make it easier for users to navigate the space when searching for the ore.

They did this to see a smoother transition from a normal stone to a shale.



They are made of rabbit hides and a string.

Use honeycomb and a string.

They spawn all throughout the world.


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