Download Minecraft PE Nether Update for free on Android: devs have bettered the game, adding some minor improvements and fixing some bothersome aspects.

MCPE Highlights

It seems Mojang Studios is finishing to support the Nether Update, given the number of new features added recently. Now, they are concentrated on bug fixing and enhancing.

Moreover, Minecraft PE users will definitely notice some significant improvements in the gameplay.
It turns out developers are still into the versions equality thing. They are trying to make both Java and Bedrock editions the same.

Therefore there are so many exciting and rather essential peculiarities in MCPE


One of the most remarkable things about this little update is lava and water bugfix. It seems players couldn’t see any liquid if watching through honey or slime blocks.

Now, both water and lava are seen in Minecraft PE, which is excellent news for many map creators. This tiny mistake was confusing many authors.

Furthermore, all plants and crops grow without any issues if planted near chunk borders. Besides, Brewing Stands can now be crafted using Blackstone.

Even cod and salmon now drop their cooked versions if killed using fire in MCPE


Mojang Studios also pays lots of attention to the game’s optimization. Luckily for many players, this sandbox survival game works way faster and better now.

Developers could achieve such a boost thanks to the code cleaning. It appears they have deleted some useless and outdated parts of the game’s code.

Furthermore, the Blackstone fence acts appropriately once again in Minecraft PE It couldn’t connect with many other fence types.

Hard-working builders will be excited to be finally able to build with it. Generally, there are some other changes concerning blocks in this update.



They spawn only in Piglin Bastions.

You need to wear something made of gold.

You have to make an ordinary hoglin enter the Overworld.


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