Download Minecraft PE Nether Update for free on Android: dripstones, stalagmites, stalactites, sculk blocks, and more.

What’s new in MCPE

Mojang Studios has released yet another version of its sandbox survival game, where new stone blocks have been introduced to the game.

Minecraft PE has sculk sensors that send Redstone signals whenever someone walks or breaks blocks.

However, Minecraft PE users must turn on Experimental Gameplay, so all features would appear in the game.


There is a new underground biome users cannot currently find since it is not yet introduced to the generation code. However, you are free to build with its blocks.

For instance, there’s a dripstone, and it has two variations: the ceiling one is called stalactite, and the floor one is a stalagmite. They are dangerous in MCPE

If you fall on a stalagmite, you’ll probably die since it’s super sharp. The same thing will happen if a stalactite falls right on your head.

This type also drips water and lava you can collect if you place a cauldron underneath it. Developers mention there are several known-issues you might encounter.

Sculk Sensors

Another exciting block that does not yet generate naturally is a sculk block. This tendril-filled substance can be obtained through Creative inventory for the time being.

However, its functions are incredible and somewhat jaw-dropping. It appears they sense all movements in Minecraft PE

For instance, whenever you take a step, swim, place or break blocks, hit the ground, or shoot, it instantly sends Redstone signals to the closest input.

Moreover, sculk blocks work wirelessly, meaning your Redstone contraptions do not need any wiring at all.

These bizarre blocks do not react to signals from other sculk blocks in MCPE Generally, this whiskered object may overhaul the game itself.

Copper & Lightning Rods

Minecraft PE also has copper as a new ore to be found in the Overworld caves. You can transform it into ingots and then craft a copper block. It worsens with time changing its color.

However, if you smear it with honeycomb, they shall never change and stay put forever. Besides, users are free to make a lightning rod to prevent fires.

It is made of three copper ingots.



No, you cannot do it yet.

You can obtain it either in the mountains or using a cauldron while snowing.

Use it to make the raid sound.


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