MCPE 1.14.0

Download Minecraft PE 1.14.0 Buzzy Bees for free on Android: flying insects, tons of blocks, and activities are now in the game.

What is new in MCPE 1.14.0?

Mojang Studios didn’t have a chance to announce the Buzzy Bees update, and thus everyone was shocked to know honey is to appear in Minecraft PE 1.14.0.

Nonetheless, where is honey, there are bees and marvelous blocks to build with. Players currently have honey bricks that can attach blocks, mobs, and even dropped items to them.

Therefore users’ contraptions will get even more complicated and exciting to look at in MCPE 1.14.0.


Well, these lovely hard-working flying creatures usually live in plains and flower forests. Their life source is pollen, which they normally collect out of flowers.

It means the more flowers you see, the more chances are to find a bee in Minecraft PE 1.14.0. By the way, bees aren’t dangerous at first. You can come closer to them if you want — they won’t sting you.

Nevertheless, many forget bees will defend their precious honey even if it comes to self-sacrifice. Players must not destroy a nest or a hive.

Bees will turn hostile when you hit them or break their home. Bees’ behavior in the fight is quite unique. Once they hurt you in MCPE 1.14.0, they fly away to slowly die.

That’s exactly what they do in real life.


In addition to new blocks, some old ones have changed as well. For example, a dispenser will gather honey and honeycombs if there is an empty bottle or shears inside them.

Besides, Iron Golems can now be fixed, or technically healed, by giving them an iron ingot in Minecraft PE 1.14.0.

You can see their texture changes when dying.

There is also a honeycomb block, which has a wonderful texture. Builders will find decorating rooms with it quite engaging. You’ll need four honeycombs to craft it in MCPE 1.14.0.

Moreover, if you want to become a beekeeper, you must know how to craft hives.

Combine planks with honeycombs to get a modest house for flower-lovers.



Place four iron blocks in a T form and put a pumpkin on top of it.

Use flowers to attract them and them feed them.

It depends on how successful the bees are.


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