Chiseled Me

Download the Chiseled Me mod for Minecraft PE: increase and decrease your sizes in the game freely.

Chiseled Me MCPE Mod Features

Marvel Ant-Man movie was one of the most exciting films released recently. An idea of the ability to change one’s volumes has sparked in the eyes of millions.

Therefore we have so many Ant-Man addons releasing in all possible games, and Minecraft PE is no exception.

It turns out there are a plethora of all forms of those modifications. Some add new mobs, others — the Ant-Man himself.

However, the Chiseled Me mod takes all the others’ developments and evolves it into something remarkably outstanding.


MCPE users can do two equally funny things. You can become as tiny as an ant or as immense as a zombie giant.

According to the addon’s author, a player can get bigger up to thirty-two times. It all works thanks to the Antsuits that you can buy from armorers.

These magical armaments somehow change your form and shape, making you either taller or tinier in Minecraft PE.

Nonetheless, they are quite expensive to buy.


If you want to increase yourself twice, get eight emeralds and diamonds. Four-time enlargement requires twelve of each.

MCPE users can get a suit, which makes them bigger up to 32 times for 64 emeralds and diamonds.

Generally, these suits are handsome and rather useful when it comes to shapeshifting.


By the way, your decreasing abilities are more abundant for some reason. It turns out you can get 128 times more miniature in Minecraft PE.

You will be four-times tinier than a single pixel of the game. However, with lesser size, you get more minor powers.

A player will be digging and moving really slowly because of their measurements. There’s an advantage.

The smaller you are, the less likely you will be attacked by someone in MCPE.

Generally, it’s entertaining and engaging to mess around with those clothes.

Chiseled Me Addon
1.13.0 – 1.19.51


You need to find armorers.

Technically, you mount the suit you bought.


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