Find the Button for MCPE

Download the Find the Button map for Minecraft PE: test your attentiveness in this tricky and exciting test.

Find the Button MCPE Map Highlights

There are dozens upon dozens of various Minecraft PE map styles and genres. Some of them provoke users to fight hordes of zombies. Others let them chill and have tranquility.

However, the minigames genre has perhaps become the most popular and thrilling one out of all of them. Repetitive matches, quick games, lots of fun follow this genre.

Therefore MCPE users can effortlessly find minigame maps on the Web. Find the Button genre is one of the most played minigames alongside Sky and Bed Wars.

Many wary people challenge themselves with a tedious but oddly-satisfying game where you have to find a button amid numerous blocks.

Hidden Button

For instance, this Minecraft PE map involves players in a backbreaking and complicated adventure where you have to defeat an atrocious villain.

One must find all hidden buttons on a plethora of unique locations to put an end to the vicious creature threatening the entire world.

The given map disputes all true MCPE fans whether they succeed in finding the desirable button. If you want to prove your excellency and great attentiveness, then you’ll have to spend some time in search of these tiny blocks.

The Mystery of the Lost Button

On the other hand, this Minecraft PE map gratifies and pleases the players with a plurality of vivid locations full of color and life.

It’ll be not only pleasant to be in here but difficult to find a button in this bouquet of shades. Yet, the process will be comforting enough for everyone to enjoy.

Many MCPE users will find Find The Button maps not so complicated after discovering that most of these levers hide under slabs and stairs.

However, it’s common to realize the button was there all the time, but you never noticed it anyway.

Hidden Button
0.14.0 – 1.19.51
The Mystery of the Lost Button
1.16.0 – 1.19.51


Usually, there are 10-15 level in each.

Try searching better or use tips.

No, there’s only button in each of the levels.


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