Download Minecraft PE with a working Xbox Live: new mountains, boulders, and more!

What’s new in Minecraft PE

In Minecraft PE, the developers at Mojang Studios have brought glowing octopuses back to the game. They can now be found underwater again.

They also added a new generation of mountains, which are much more realistic. Because of this, the maximum height had to be increased from 256 blocks to 320 blocks.


In MCPE, there are new types of mountains that will definitely appeal to those who love heights. After all, you can now extract a variety of precious resources in the mountains.

Therefore, it is no longer necessary to go down into the caves. The mountains also look much more realistic.


Another interesting innovation in Minecraft PE is copper. This is a new material in the game. To get this material, you need to mine copper ore and smelt it.

Copper blocks can be made from copper ingots. However, they can oxidize in the air. To avoid this, it is necessary to connect these blocks with honeycomb. Copper ingots can be used to make a lightning rod, which can be used to attract lightning strikes.

Sculk sensors

In MCPE, players can register any vibration with the help of sculk sensors. When registering a vibration, a sculk sensor emits a redstone signal. They stay in the activated state for two seconds. With the help of sculk blocks, you can make various traps.

Glowing octopus

Another new aquatic inhabitant in Minecraft PE This mob differs from an ordinary octopus in that it glows underwater and emits interesting particles. Upon death, a luminous ink sac drops from a glowing octopus, from which the player can get a new type of frame.

To do this, you need to combine the glowing ink sac with a regular frame to get a glowing frame. Any item in this frame will glow brightly at night.



You can’t make, but find it.

Use buckets to grab it.

No, you cannot ride a goat.


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