MCPE 1.17.2

Download Minecraft PE 1.17.2 for Android with a working Xbox Live and go on a trip to search of amethyst geodes and master the technique of smelting ores and making candles.

What’s new in Minecraft 1.17.2?

The developers at Mojang Studios continue to delight users with an abundance of innovations from the massive Caves & Cliffs update.

In the new version of Minecraft PE 1.17.2, amethysts were added, as well as a large-scale biome with crystal geodes, a spyglass, the so-called raw ore, and many other chips.


A small block is generated in the center of cluster structures. In Minecraft Bedrock 1.17.2, amethysts are quite fragile, which is why any interaction with an object only breaks it.

From this, we can conclude that you will not be able to get the block. Even the use of pistons in MCPE 1.17.2 will not be able to move the amethyst in any way. The crystal will simply crumble into small fragments.

Amethyst geodes

In Minecraft PE 1.17.2, a new biome has appeared, entirely consisting of clusters and amethysts. In shape, the location is somewhat reminiscent of a ball, in the center of which is a crystalline core.

The biome consists of three layers: the outer layer is smooth basalt, the middle layer is calcite, and the inner layer is amethyst blocks.

Raw ores

In MCPE 1.17.2, it was decided to change the extraction of raw ores. This is the innovation that concerns gold, iron, and copper.

Now, drops will fall from the blocks of any ore in Minecraft 1.17.2, which can later be melted into ingots using a furnace.


Candles are another alternative light source that users can use during their game. In Minecraft PE 1.17.2, creating a candle is not difficult because the crafting recipe includes only two ingredients: a honeycomb and a thread.

If you put an object on a cake then, in Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.17.2, Steve can observe an imitation of a holiday event. And combining the final item with the dye gives players 16 different color variations.



They are made of rabbit hides and a string.

Use honeycomb and a string.

They spawn all throughout the world.


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