Download Minecraft PE for android with a working Xbox Live: go explore the cubic world, which has been transformed again and has become even more interesting.

What is new in Minecraft Beta?

Great news for all users of the cubic world, the appearance of a new version – Minecraft PE In it, the developers managed to fix various errors that were directly related to the gameplay.

For example, the terrain on the maps will no longer be replaced by black voids, and the situation when the Inventory key could get loose is also excluded. In addition, when entering the Edge portal, players can not be afraid of falling, since this problem has also been eliminated.


In the course of the work done, the behavior of some creatures was changed. This can significantly affect the gameplay, so all players should pay close attention to the change.

Wither Skeletons have changed their spawn point. Now they can appear inside Wither Rose. Also, for the game to match the Java Edition, the amount of hunger that the player experiences while swimming has been changed.

It is worth noting that even among the villagers, although not so often, there are some new and very interesting opportunities. For example, in Minecraft librarians will be able to offer not only ordinary but also enchanted books.


The interaction of players with the world around them is the main activity during the game. In Minecraft PE, the main changes are connected with them. For example, forests will burn faster now because the speed of this process has changed.

It will be equal to 1/4 of the block, and also if a block is destroyed under a snow-covered flower, it will fall. Previously, players could notice that only a layer of snow was falling, and the plant remained in its place.

Another important point is that users can again fully use the /clone command to copy a column of bubbles. This will not lead to the appearance of invisible water.




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