Download FNAF maps for Minecraft PE: experience the horror in the lovely game, which is now full of terrifying things.

What does FNAF map stand for in MCPE?

FNAF, or Five Nights at Freddy’s, is a horror game developed by a single designer Scott Cawthon. The first chapter of this horrifying story was released in 2014.

Now, that award-winning game enters the world of Minecraft PE. All of these horrific creatures, or animatronics as they are usually called, will be threatening your life all along.

FNAF 2020 Edition

According to the author of this magnificent MCPE map, this location has been created directly to entertain players. It turns out this is a real copy of the first FNAF game.

You should be careful since animatronics will surely try to murder you.

Users will have to watch the cameras and control the pizzeria. The map is quite pretty, by the way. There is a lot to see.

Nonetheless, there is no time to gaze at things: you have to survive five nights or meet your pitiful demise in Minecraft PE.

FNaF 2 2020 Edition

The same creator came up with this once again. Nevertheless, it is not a parody of the first game: Five Nights at Freddy’s is the point of inspiration.

Your goal is still the same. Survival is the only way to get out of this place of joy and happiness in the daytime and terror at night. Pesky mechanic creatures are still here so you gotta be concerned about it.

They have become faster, smarter, and increased in numbers. MCPE has never been that complex and exciting at the same time.

FNaF 1 Roleplay

This Minecraft PE map is more likely to be played with friends since it’s roleplaying time. Players can have fun in multiplayer choosing roles and playing them out.

One can be a Foxy, someone else is the pizzeria keeper, others will join Foxy in their crusade to slaughter inferior security officer.

However, if you’re playing for the guardian of this sinister place, you gotta be one step ahead of those mechanic MCPE dummies.

Moreover, this mini-game promises quite a lot of fun.

FNAF 2020 Edition
0.14.0 – 1.19.51
FNaF 2 2020 Edition
0.14.0 – 1.19.51
FNaF 1 Roleplay
0.14.0 – 1.19.51


Yes, there are certainly brand new creatures willing to kill you..

Use cameras and in-game instructions to successfully survive.

Yes, you can and should since it’s funnier.


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