MCPE 0.15.10

Download Minecraft PE 0.15.10 Friendly Update for free on Android: horses and donkeys, husks and strays, pistons and pig riding, and more.

What’s new in MCPE 0.15.10?

Developers are keen on different things. Therefore we see plenty of bizarre features being added to the game. For instance, Minecraft PE 0.15.10 features pig riding.

Transport means

MCPE 0.15.10 users can forthwith ride horses, donkeys, mules, and even pigs. However, you have to tame all of them, except for the hogs.

Craft a stick with a carrot and find a saddle to control a boar. It moves slowly at first, but you can speed pigs up by teasing them using your carrot.

On the other hand, horses are more intelligent and won’t fall for that — mount equines as many times as needed for them to love you in Minecraft PE 0.15.10.

Afterward, however, you’ll have to find a saddle first. It’d be jaw-dropping for the horse if you had an armor set for it. There are three horse armor kits, apparently.


As a matter of fact, horses are fast indeed, but donkeys can carry your stuff with you. Mules are even more potent but proportionately slowlier as well.

Besides, MCPE 0.15.10 features new zombie and skeleton variants. Husks inhabit scorching deserts, and strays roam lonely taigas and tundras.

They differ from their origins with their personal effects. Husks apply Hunger to a player, while strays’ arrows are poisoned with Slowliness.

Generally, these guys aren’t welcome and friendly at all, compared to the update’s title.


Minecraft PE 0.15.10 also has Jungle Temples. This forgotten and abandoned place commonly generates in lush tropical woods, where no one ever finds them.

However, when discovered, the ancient temple has protection and even traps to oppose the invaders. Two hidden dispensers are built into the walls.

There are two chests, but one of them is hidden behind a levered mechanism in MCPE 0.15.10.



You simply need to mount them but also feed some wheat.

It’s made of cobblestone, iron ingots, and wooden planks.

It generates seldom, but you can surely do it.


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