MCPE 0.15.6

Download Minecraft 0.15.6 for Android, and create unique mechanisms!

What’s newly added to Minecraft PE 0.15.6?

The Minecraft PE 0.15.6 update fixed several bugs that significantly interfered with the gameplay, as with most versions. For example, an error with a crash on startup. In total, Mojang Studios developers have fixed 11 bugs.

In addition, do not forget about the addition of new mechanisms in MCPE 0.15. The player will face interesting opponents and a mysterious structure in the overgrown jungle. A cute and friendly mob horse will help you to explore new territories quickly.


Another mechanism in Minecraft PE 0.15.6. These blocks are created, first of all, to move objects in different directions. Now in the game, in addition to the standard piston, there is also a sticky one. They are easy to distinguish as there is green goo on top of the second block.

To craft a sticky piston, you need to combine a regular piston and mucus. It is worth noting that the usual mechanism cannot push more than 12 blocks outside the map.


Minecraft PE 0.15.6 introduced players to such a merciless enemy as a husk. He lives exclusively in the desert and has an appearance similar to a zombie. If this mob drowns, it quickly changes its appearance to a standard zombie.

When dropped, several pieces of rotten flesh will fall out of it. It depends on the level of the enchantment of the loot. There is also a possibility that the husk will appear in equipment. For example, with an iron sword or in random armor.


Another character is aggressive towards the player in Minecraft PE 0.15.6. Like a husk, it has its usual habitat. In this case, these are cold and snowy locations. He will attack you with arrows, like the same skeletons.

However, now, in addition to damage, the user will also receive a slowdown effect. This turn of events can be fatal if several hostile mobs crowd around the player. Do not forget that this effect also affects the stray himself. In total, the freezing period lasts 30 seconds.



Yes, for this you need to drop the folder with the texture pack along the path games/com.mojang/resource_packs.

For this, a saddle must be used.

It can only be found in various structures and dungeons.


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