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What’s newly added to Minecraft PE 0.15.90?

The global Minecraft PE 0.15.90 update brought several significant changes to the game. Now players can observe such interesting blocks as a prismarine, a wet sponge, a lighthouse.

In addition, fearsome bosses like the Ancient Guardian have also appeared. For example, in Minecraft PE 0.15.90, your character can also find a lost underwater temple. It is similar to what is found in the jungle and desert.

Ancient Guardian

One of the variations of the usual guard in Minecraft PE 0.15.90. But the essential difference is that he is stronger and more advanced. Seeing the player, he will immediately try to attack and can impose fatigue on him. If the player drinks a potion of invisibility, the ancient guard will not touch him but continue to follow the character.

The ancient guard has only three types of attack: laser burn, then there is a chance that he will impose fatigue on the user and attack with thorns. When a mob is dropped, a wet sponge, raw cod, a prismarine crystal, or a prismarine shard may fall out of it. The likelihood of dropping some fish is not as high as in the above-listed objects.

Underwater fortress

A unique structure that was born in the Minecraft PE update 0.15.90. The fortress consists of blocks of prismarine, dark prismarine, and bricks of the same material. Marine lanterns are used as lighting on the site. The temple itself is quite impressive in size and has both ordinary guards and the ancients as protection.

Most often, they can be found inside the building itself. Like other temples, this one has several rooms that hold treasures. For example, in this way, you can find eight blocks of gold or wet sponges.


Block in Minecraft PE 0.15.90, which is used to illuminate objects underwater. But he can emit light in any location. A prismarine crystal and a prismarine shard are used for crafting.

If you put a lantern in a snow biome, then, unlike other light sources, it will not melt the ice around it. When a player destroys a block, crystals will drop out of a prismarine.



Yes, for this you need to drop the folder with the texture pack along the path games/com.mojang/resource_packs.

For this, a saddle must be used.

It can only be found in various structures and dungeons.


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