Download Minecraft PE Nether Update for free on Android: piglin brutes, new enhancements, tons of exciting changes, and much more in the game.

What is new in MCPE

Even though the Nether Update has already been released to the public, Mojang Studios keeps adding new content. For example, there is a new mob this time.

There also lots of bug fixes and other improvements in Minecraft PE Developers are trying their best to make the game as accessible as possible for everyone.

That’s why they’ve been working on the game’s performance since players were lacking it.


No one expects anything new right after the release, but devs have already come up with a Piglin Brute. That ominous creature dens in Bastions where they’re watching over the chests.

It has some unique abilities in MCPE For example, you cannot trade with them by any means. It doesn’t matter whether you have something golden on or not.

Piglins Brutes will attack you immediately since they are obviously tough. They are showing it off by not wearing any armor. Additionally, piglin brutes are reasonably robust.

Those wild creatures always have axes to crumble enemies’ skulls. All they do is fighting and guarding the precious chests in Minecraft PE


Mojang Studios is always trying to make the game better. For instance, baby pigs are now despawning properly. On the other hand, walls will correctly attach to open trapdoors and glass blocks.

By the way, a lot of things have got new sounds in MCPE When you wear a netherite armor, you’ll hear a unique sound. The same thing happens when you place Nether Wart.

Moreover, common piglins can now spawn on peaceful difficulty. It means they won’t attack you, but you will be able to trade with them in Minecraft PE

All in all, there is a lot to explore in the game.



They can be found in the Bastions.

Now, dolphins and other creatures can spawn inside them.

You have to find ancient debris on the Nether’s lower grounds.


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