Download Minecraft PE for android with a working Xbox Live: use mangrove wood in the process of repairing shields or for construction.

What is new in Minecraft

All users are always looking forward to the new version of their favorite game. After all, this means the appearance of something new, interesting, and sometimes dangerous. But in any case, even correcting small mistakes makes the gameplay more interesting.

This time in Minecraft PE, users can notice that the names that are above the heads of mobs have stopped shifting to the side. Also, unfortunately, emotions that are paid can no longer be used without payment.


The world of Minecraft differs from all previous versions largely due to the emergence of new territories. Players can climb high into the mountains or explore the underwater world. But there is also a biome in which almost complete darkness awaits them.

There users can see Sculk blocks everywhere and get them using various tools, but a hoe is best. Players should also stock up on a sufficient number of light sources and good equipment because there is a high probability of meeting Warden.

On land, players are increasingly starting to explore the territory by searching for Mangrove Swamps. On their expanses, dense vegetation is found, which is suitable for use in construction. Also, these places have their inhabitants. In Minecraft, a bug was fixed that led to an incorrect display of their appearance, which did not coincide with professional skills.


Frogs can also be found in mangrove swamps. Their color depends on the biome in which they live. In Minecraft PE, they can be useful for creating Froglight glowing objects with their help.

It is enough to feed these animals with magma blocks and wait for a little. By the way, tadpoles are used to grow these creatures. Watching the transformation process is very exciting.



For construction or to make a bonfire.

Yes, this mob can attack any other creature of the game.


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