Entity 303 Mod for MCPE

Download the Entity 303 mod for Minecraft PE: meet the terror and the disaster in one face.

Entity 303 Mod Highlights

Entity 303 is one of the scariest and well-known characters in the Minecraft PE universe. He’s believed to be the heir of Herobrine.

Others say Herobrine warned users about Entity 303 back in the days, but nobody listened to him. He’s called that way since many believe Notch hired a developer in the past with a similar nickname.

303mojang.com30 is his initial name. Once he was fired from Mojang Studios, the dev got mad and decided to seek revenge by corrupting players’ worlds.

Luckily, Entity 303 is not in MCPE, but many brave players adored him and created a bunch of addons in his honor.

Entity 303 Boss

This small but brilliant mod features the notorious Entity 303 as another boss in Minecraft PE. It has multiple unique attacks and extra powers.

First of all, he shoots fireballs like the Ender Dragon. Generally, this boss fires loads of projectiles, so you should put the indispensable enchantment on your armor set.

Furthermore, Entity 303 instantly summons thunder, so the fight could seem more dramatic and epic at the same time. Wither Skeletons are his allies, so watch out for them.

This infamous character is also a big TNT fan. You should expect to get a lot of damage from explosions subsequently. Try putting on some pieces of armor with the Blast Protection charm in MCPE.


If you are either courageous or dumb enough to undermine his supremacy, you must first eliminate the Wither.

It turns out a Nether Star is required to summon Entity 303 in Minecraft PE. Nevertheless, you must get ready tightly and thoughtfully.

This boss can summon thunder and strike you with bolts of lightning. Besides, it is also able to evoke the deadly jaws from underground.

If needed, Entity 303 can even spawn its own copies, so the player would get confused and lost in MCPE.

Entity 303 Mod
0.14.0 – 1.12.0
Entity 303
1.12.0 – 1.19.51


You need to obtain the Nether Star first.

Get your finest armor and weaponry.

You’ll get a star and a sword in his honor.


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