Download Minecraft PE Nether Update for free on Android: a lot of bug fixes and tweaks have made the game better.

What is MCPE for?

First of all, this beta-version was released to fix the annoying bugs and improve the game’s performance. On the other hand, there is a lot of things to look at in Minecraft PE

For example, Piglin Remnants were finally introduced. It’s a new dungeon in the Nether.

The Nether has become a bit less dull. Moreover, exploring this dimension will be more exciting since there are new songs made by Lena Raine.


The Nether generation has been overhauled quite dramatically. Now there are biomes like Soul Sand Valley and Crimson Forest. Besides, brand-new mobs are now a part of the game as well.

For instance, Basalt Deltas is a place where you can find magma cubes in Minecraft PE By the way, each Nether biome has a unique effect. Floating scarce ash or blue fog — all of it makes those places cozier.

Talking about the Remnants, we must mention that Piglins claim them as their den. You will come across many piglins there. Do not even try going there without golden armor.


Besides, users have got an opportunity to mine golden nuggets in this dimension. Nether gold ore spawns almost everywhere and drops from two to six golden nuggets.

Meanwhile, a lodestone is an extra block you can use to create waypoints in the Underground. Use eight chiseled stone bricks and one Netherite ingot to get a lodestone in Minecraft PE

Now click on it with a compass — it will start pointing at it.

A glided Blackstone is another decorative block in the game. It has drops of gold on it, making it a fascinating block to use while building.

Music and improvements

Lena Raine is a composer who created four new songs for the Nether Update. “Pigstep” is one of them. You can find this music disc in all chests of this world in MCPE

At the same time, there are songs you will hear while walking around new places. Wonderful “Rubedo,” strange “Chrysopoeia,” and in some ways spooky “So below” brought life to the place full of lava and dangers.

As you can see, there are tons of new content to be excited about.



Usually, they spawn in Crimson Forest.

Its frequency of spawning is almost the same as the diamond’s one.

No, you cannot but you can tame them.


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