Download Minecraft PE Nether Update for free on Android: new version introduces piglin brutes and fixes a plethora of bugs.

MCPE Highlights

Mojang Studios is finally ready to release another Nether Update version. This time they focused more on the repairing elements as well as on a new mob.

Despite the most features’ release, developers decided to add something fresh again in Minecraft PE

On the other hand, they worked hard, bringing the stablest and most convenient gameplay ever. For instance, the game’s notorious performance has been massively optimized.

It means this sandbox survival game will be less laggy. Besides, even the cheapest and least performing smartphones are capable of launching MCPE


This update’s most notable feature is the new piglins. Those pig-like creatures have grown their large family.

Piglin Brutes are fierce and almost unstoppable redactions of their more friendly and less aggressive brothers.

It appears you cannot trade with them in Minecraft PE It doesn’t matter whether you have anything golden or not — they attack immediately.

After all, Brutes’ve got massive stone axes which they use to smash enemies’ skulls.


MCPE another fantastic addition is a bunch of high-quality sounds. Many mostly new blocks have received them.

For example, twisting vines, known for their weird behavior, now emit new sounds. You can hear them crack and bang when breaking.

Moreover, the Nether grass sounds differently as well. The game’s sound design has reached its next level in the development perfection thanks to Minecraft PE

Generally, devs enhanced already existing noises, making them better and more enjoyable in general.


Mojang Studios also continued to advance the game’s core mechanics in order to make it feel more satisfying.

Like, MCPE solves some mobs’ unwanted response deviations during specific events. Furthermore, piglins and hoglins now act more responsible.

Plus, piglin kids no longer steal your gold since it was a mistake.



It can still be found on lower levels of the Nether.

Build a portal out of ten obsidian blocks and lit with flint and steel.

Put on something golden first and then use your bars for an exchange.


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