Download Minecraft PE Nether Update for free on Android: loads of different enhancements and various bug fixes.

What’s new in MCPE

Mojang Studios finishes working on the Nether Update because most of its features are already in the game.

However, bug fixing updates like Minecraft PE prove there’s a lot to work on. The game is still unable to show high performance.

Developers are doing their best to make it happen as soon as possible. For example, more users can now launch the game on their devices, thanks to MCPE


One of the most surprising features of the Nether Update was piglin brutes. Those harsh-looking guys guard the chests in the Bastions.

They have no mercy and no intelligence. Therefore brutes won’t ever trade with a player regardless of what he wears in Minecraft PE

It turns out they are so mean to the strangers that they don’t even care about shiny gold ingots. Unfortunately for the player, piglin brutes always have axes.

It means every time you visit the ruins of the ancient civilization, you should be prepared in MCPE


On the other hand, some behavior changes have happened as well. For example, baby piglins are no longer bound to their parents in Minecraft PE

So, you can easily kidnap them if you need no interruption during trades. Those little miscreants could steal your gold ingots and give nothing back.

Don’t try to kill them since their progenitors and others in the near will start their own vendetta. It’s not safe to fight them in groups in MCPE

Another exciting addition is the sounds of various creatures and blocks. It appears Mojang Studios added new sounds as a part of the Nether Update.

Now, twisted vines, Nether roots, a few other blocks generating in underground voids received their unique sounds.

All in all, Minecraft PE has become better and way more efficient since the official release of the Nether Update.



They can only be found in Bastions.

Usually, it’s blocks like roots and vines.

You kill normal and zombified piglins or mine ores.


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