Airplane Mod for MCPE

Download the plane mod for Minecraft PE: get to fly on gigantic vehicles and set yourself free to the skies.

What does the Airplane Mod do in MCPE?

Minecraft PE undoubtedly lacks vehicles and transport means. Users have only minecarts and horses with boats. But you have to build a whole railroad system to use a minecart.

On the other hand, boats can obviously move only in water, and all that’s left is horses. They differ from each other: some are quicker, some are stronger.

We also possess elytra, but you cannot take off right away. All you do with elytra is glide the air in MCPE. Therefore we have no air transportation at all.

The Airplane Mod is to fix this issue by bringing brand new planes and sometimes even helicopters. Players shall be able to cross miles without touching land.

War plane

As you could guess, this unremarkable addon features a whole and fully functional war plane you can apply for your greedy needs.

Since it’s a wartime vehicle, it shoots rockets and destroys literally everything it hits in Minecraft PE. It is perfect for hijacking and bombing your friend’s house or a Woodland Mansion.

It has infinity ammo giving you the ultimate weapon to conquer the world.

Users can even summon it in the Nether. Subsequently, no ghast will rule the air space here any longer.

MCPE addon developers have even introduced some storage space on the plane, denoting you can place whatever you need to transport far away or keep close to you.

However, its warehouse is only five slots big — like in a hopper. Consequently, you should think twice before taking something with you. We must say this mod replaces chicken with the plane.

So, you can get a whole ranch of airplanes. On the other hand, you also need snowballs to launch it. It’s its fuel in Minecraft PE.

In conclusion, players possess an excellent flying vehicle forthwith.

Plane Mod
0.14.0 – 1.19.51


You need some snowballs to throw at it.

It is relatively quick.

They have been replaced by planes.


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