MCPE 1.19.11

Download Minecraft 1.19.11 for android with a working Xbox Live: craft different items from mangroves, use new features of some blocks, and much more!

Minecraft 1.19.11 Release

The creators of the game world continued Wild Update with Minecraft PE 1.19.11. Alley has even more features, and some blocks have received a new application.

There are several improvements in terms of effects. For example, players can no longer apply potions and poisoned arrowheads to dead mobs.


As many players already know, this Steve’s cute assistant in Minecraft 1.19.11 picks up the right things, focusing on the object that the player gives it.

The authors from Mojang added the ability to pick up armor elements to the mob, even if their strength differs from the rest of the details. And the creature will be less likely to get stuck in non-full blocks than before.

All objects begin to glow in Allay’s hands, so at night you can use the help of this creature.


The terrible monster of the dungeon is getting angrier with each new edition. The developers in the Minecraft Bedrock 1.19.11 have also increased its sensitivity. It is becoming increasingly difficult for users to pass by the Warden unnoticed.

If the mob notices Steve, he will begin to accumulate anger, and when he reaches his highest point, he will attack the player.


Mangrove wood has already been evaluated and applied by many users. Users can use it to make houses and objects. And in Minecraft 1.19.11, crafters also have the opportunity to craft a campfire with charcoal from mangroves.

Mangrove swamps have other resources that can be useful for many different purposes. Mud can be a basis for bricks, from which it is easy to build a shelter for yourself.

By the way, players can plant berry bushes in mud blocks.

There are many sculk blocks in Ancient Cities of Bedrock Edition. The authors from Mojang have participated in the appearance of these resources.



Players should dry some mud before.

Yes, this mob can attack any other creature of the game.

In MCPE 1.19.11 this mod can pick up items.


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