Download Minecraft PE Nether Update for free on Android: this major renewal adds dozens of exciting features, including new mobs and dungeons.

What’s new in MCPE

The Nether Update’s announcement was a big deal at Minecon 2019. Mojang Studios promised they will revamp the Underground Kingdom of Pigmen and Ghast.

And that’s what they did — brought life to this place. Now there are approximately two dozens pretty block to build with and a significant amount of other stuff to discover in Minecraft PE

Ancient Debris and Netherite

For a long time, diamonds were known as the most durable material of the game. But it’s no longer a thing in MCPE The netherite is.

Nonetheless, to obtain it, you need courage and patience. It’s quite rare. Naturally, it generates at the bottom of the Nether as diamonds do in the Overworld.

Once you’ve found it, you may start to convert it to ingots: combine melted debris with gold ingots to get a netherite ingot in MCPE

And only now can a player mix it with diamond tools or armor on the smithing table.


The Nether used to be a dull and monotonous place where nothing grew and lived. Since Minecraft PE, it’ll change. Currently, there are five distinct sub biomes with a unique ecosystem.

Take new forests as an example. Crimson Woods is home for brand-new plants and living organisms like hoglins. These massive beasts are hostile, so you should be prepared.

Warped Forest, on the other hand, is a place of tranquility and peace. Nobody lives there since hoglins and piglins are afraid of anything warped in MCPE

Deltas and Valley

All the upcoming biomes are beautiful in many forms, but the Basalt Deltas are the best-looking place in the Nether. Sparse ash flies in the air creating a charming vibe.

That’s where you find magma cubes and basalt blocks. The Soul Sand Valley is a bit different in Minecraft PE Skeletons and ghasts claim this biome as their den.

All you can in this cursed region is sorrow, fossils, and piles of bones.

Additionally, the game’s performance has been tweaked, and now the gameplay is smoother and better in all its ways.



Striders are the new mountable mobs of MCPE

Piglins is a new race which you can barter with.


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