Download the full update for Minecraft on Android with Xbox Live running and explore the new underground world!

MCPE – What’s new?

The main focus of the expansion is to update old elements of the game, add new mechanics and items, and change the structure of the world and caves. Thus, in Minecraft PE, players can observe an improvement in the generation of objects when entering the map, especially underground.

Amethyst and geodes

There are amethysts in the deep caves of Minecraft PE version It is worth noting that these blocks can be created as a stand-alone object or located in huge structures called “geodes”.

There are several block options the player can find. Most often, you see special crystals that fill most of the rooms and spaces.


A useful item with which players can explore the area in Minecraft PE The spyglass works in the same way as the carved pumpkin outfit.

If you use a spyglass, you can see up to 30 blocks away. This feature allows you to explore the surroundings, almost without moving around them.

Smelting ore drops

Another innovation in MCPE is a modified ore mining system. This feature only applies to materials that can be smelted: gold, iron and copper.

When extracting a block, not a full-fledged version of it will fall out, but small fragments. To get an item in your inventory, “drops” must be smelted in a furnace.

Beta changes

Axolotls make their lost sounds again. They will also swim more often compared to previous versions of Minecraft PE Now users will be able to use loose snow directly from the ad.

Most mobs fall into this block and gradually freeze. The glowing lichen texture now looks more like the surrounding blocks. Also, the lichen has become much closer to the rock surface in MCPE

In the new version of Minecraft PE, the axolotl has now stopped moving, pretending to be dead, as it was before. Spore Blossom can no longer be in water. Piglins now accept any raw gold in exchange. Additionally, Squid and Glow Squid now make a sound when spitting out ink.



They are made of rabbit hides and a string.

Use honeycomb and a string.

They spawn all throughout the world.


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