Download Minecraft PE Nether Update for free on Android: the Underground world has been revamped quite majorly.

What’s new in MCPE

Every update made by Mojang contains lots of new stuff like mobs, blocks, and biomes. The developers’ goal is to improve each aspect of the game. That’s why in Minecraft PE we see so many cool features.

First of all, the Nether has finally got its biomes: Warped and Crimson ForestSoul Sand Valley, and Basalt Deltas.

Obviously, all of these biomes have tons of outstanding blocks, creatures, and an unforgettable vibe.


For a start, pigmen are now officially called zombified piglins. It’s all because a new civilization has come to the Nether in MCPE Piglins are now replacing the pigmen.

Meanwhile, in the Overworld, the parrots do not stick in the flight mode. Panicking mobs now do all damage types to protect their lives.

And it’s known some mobs can pick up armor in Minecraft PE From now on, they will be prioritizing iron over Chainmail since it’s better.


Blocks have always been an essential part of the game. Literally, every update has been introducing additional blocks. This time is no exception.

Foremost, there are two new types of wood to build with. Of course, they both spawn in Crimson and Warped Forests of the Nether. They are blue and red, which is perfect for creating something pretty.

At the same time, walls connect to all types of blocks and have a new look in Minecraft PE Mushroom stems now do not drop brown mushrooms while mining with a silk touch.


Mojang AB not only added lots of new features but also fixed old and non-functioning aspect of the game. Thus paintings and beacon beams now render correctly.

Some players reported flickering enchanted items in their inventory. Thankfully, this problem has been resolved in MCPE

Likewise, several tweaks have been made to the commands.

For example, an armor stand would change its rotation to the player’s one once teleported.



There are more than 100 types of new blocks.

Basalt columns usually spawn in Soul Sand Valley and Basalt Deltas.

Yes, netherite is better than diamonds, and you can use it to craft gear.


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