Download tornado mod for Minecraft PE: experience extreme weather with possibly deadly results.

What does the tornado mod do?

Minecraft PE weather is not vivid at all. We have only thunderstorms, rains, and snows in particular biomes. That’s it! But players demand more, which is why there are so many addons concerning the weather.

Some of them add updated weather conditions introducing heat, thirst, and even deadly flashes of lightning. Others, on the other hand, add brand new natural disasters.

Natural Disasters

According to the author, this MCPE addon adds four new weather types. Earthquake, for example, will make ground shiver and crumble into pieces.

When it’s an earthquake, all mobs will get a slowness and slight-levitation effect. It is not that dangerous, which is why there will be plenty of those.

Minecraft PE players could already see wildfires in the game, but this time they’ve been upgraded. They can start without a fire source like lava.

Usually, it just appears from nowhere and gives blindness to all nearby creatures. The long-awaited tornadoes are not so perilous as you might think.

What they do is simply give a levitation effect to all players and mobs around it.

But yet beware of consequences: the fall damage will be significant.

There is also a dragon’s breath event. It is perhaps the most formidable threat of this Minecraft PE addon. It spreads the wither effect to everything alive.

Mine-Tornado Addon

Although tornadoes are used to be a natural disaster, it does not mean they cannot be something else like a Blaze, for example. Unfortunately, it means you’ll find them only in the Nether.

Do not try to get too close, though. These tornadoes are strong enough to get you killed in less than a second in MCPE. Thankfully, you can shot them from a distance.

Better Weather Addon

By this addon, on the other hand, is way simpler. Now when lightning strikes, it destroys everything, including blocks. A lot of blocks.

If it strikes your house, it might entirely erase it in Minecraft PE.

So, beware now since bolts of lightning are really traumatizing.

Natural Disasters
0.14.0 – 1.19.51
Mine-Tornado Addon
0.14.0 – 1.19.51
Better Weather Addon
0.14.0 – 1.19.51


Yes, it’s quite secure there.

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