Download Minecraft PE Nether Update for free on Android: new music discs and soundtrack, banner patterns, and other features have made the game more intriguing.

What is new in MCPE

The Nether Update was introduced at Minecon 2019 at the end of September. Mojang announced they are about to overhaul the Nether. It has not received any updates since its initial release.

Nonetheless, it’s time to change, and this dimension changes as well. New mobs are lurking around and delightful blocks you can use to build up to something epic.

It means MCPE won’t get dull any sooner.


Players have been asking for a new light source for a long time now. Finally, their demand has been fulfilled in Minecraft PE If you light a soul soil or sand, it will be burning with blue fire.

Moreover, you can even craft azure torches, lamps, and campfires out of it. Therefore, we do not have different colors, but at least we have a blue one. It will already affect the design of many builders.

Besides, there is a block called respawn anchor. As you could guess, it is used to set new spawn points in the Nether of MCPE All you need to do it find crying obsidian.

The easiest way to do it is to barter with piglins: they’ll sell it to you with great pleasure. Now use six crying obsidian and 3 glowstone dust to get a block you need. Place it and fill it with glowstone.

Now you’ll be teleporting to it every single time you die in the Nether.


Minecraft PE players love building, and Mojang does too. That’s why developers are adding brand-new blocks and items for the constructors.

Basalt is an excellent example of a pretty block. It has a unique texture with lots of details. Apparently, users can transform it into the stairs, slabs, and much more.

A house made of polished basalt is not a rare sight in the game now.

Speaking of decorations, we must remind you about Blackstone. Naturally, it generates in Basalt Deltas alongside with basalt itself in MCPE Thankfully, you can turn it into something brilliant as well.

Moreover, there is a plethora of new vegetation, wood, and other resources in the game.



It can be found in the Soul Sand Biome.

No, but now you can find something to eat in the Nether.

Yes, there is a respawn anchor and a lodestone.


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