Download Minecraft PE for android with a working Xbox Live: meet unique creatures that can be useful to players in the process of survival.

What is new in Minecraft

One of the important points in the whole gameplay is that it should be as stable and interesting as possible.

For this condition to be fulfilled, in Minecraft PE, developers fix various errors and eliminate failures. All this allows you to achieve maximum results.


From the moment the player appears in the cubic world, the question arises before him about what kind of activity he will do and how he will spend his time in general. Some players prefer to extract valuable resources, while others go on a treasure hunt.

One of these locations where the heroes can find a lot of interesting things for themselves is the Ancient City. Quite an interesting and mysterious area is fraught with secrets that only the bravest heroes can solve.

But the reward will not keep you waiting, because, in addition to jewelry, users can find a unique item here, which is called an echo fragment. It will be useful when crafting and is considered very rare and valuable.

Players can get to these places only by passing through the gloomy biome of Deep Dark. By the way, a very dangerous enemy lives in it. In Minecraft, the developers fixed a bug that caused players behind the wall to hit monsters with a large damage radius.

Technical fixes

Among the errors that were noted in earlier versions of the game, it can be noted that players accumulated damage from falling, although they were under the influence of a column of bubbles. In Minecraft PE, this problem will no longer bother the heroes.

There have also been changes in the spectator mode, where the water mist will not be removed for the players. This will make the use of this function even more comfortable.



Players should dry some mud before.

Yes, this mob can attack any other creature of the game.

This mob can pick up items.


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