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Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Update

The developers at Mojang Studios continue to work hard on their game. Every week they never cease to amaze players with new updates. Minecraft cave update has many interesting innovations, as well as bug fixes.

New effect

As you can see earlier, in Minecraft, there is such an interesting effect as darkness. In its properties, it is very similar to the effect of blindness.

However, unlike it, the dark effect does not completely remove the user’s vision. It only darkens the player’s screen, impairs the view, but it still allows you to see nearby things.


For music lovers, the Minecraft update will be especially appreciated. New tracks can now be heard in the main menu and the normal world in survival mode.

In addition, a new music disc Otherside has appeared in the cube world, which is quite rare. You can find him in various dungeons.

Sculk blocks

First of all, it is worth noting the appearance of new types of rolling blocks in Minecraft There are four of them: sculk blocks, catalyst, vein, and shrieker. The first block has a pretty exciting animation and drops experience when destroyed without a tool, which is enchanted with a silk touch. Sculk Shrieker spreads the sculk block at the location of the mob’s death.

The number of blocks depends on the amount of experience that drops out upon death in Minecraft Additionally, this unit emits light. Another very interesting block is the Sculk-Shrieker, which can emit very loud sounds. The sculk sensor activates this block. At the same time, this block in Minecraft can impose the effect of darkness on the player.




They spawn all throughout the world.


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