Download PocketPower mod for Minecraft PE: get to play with complex Redstone constructions on older versions.

What does the PocketPower do in MCPE?

Redstone is one of the most important and famous things about Minecraft PE. However, lots of users are unable to use it since it had not been added to older versions of the game.

Nonetheless, if something you need but can’t have, there are always modifications to fix it.

That’s precisely what PocketPower does.

Users get real Redstone contraptions and circuits to build with. It means the game’s possibilities have just increased in numbers.


It’s obvious to build something new you need something that’s never been seen. The PocketPower addon adds tons of different blocks to MCPE.

For example, the main ingredient has appeared in the game. Redstone can be found in the caves. Usually, it spawns on the lower levels of the world.

However, you can find it in dungeon chests quite often. Also, there’s a big chance of getting one from the witch’s drop in Minecraft PE. Redstone is widely used in all types of machinery.


Evidently, a player would need something to construct the traps out of Redstone.

Levers activate the constant signal, buttons send a short Redstone sign, and pressure plates will be sending an impulse while there’s something on them.

Those are activators, but there’s gotta be something to turn on. Lamps are clearly used to lit rooms up, but pistons can move blocks in MCPE.

It means you can relocate whole structures remotely, which is perfect for building a trap to get your foes killed or friends trolled in Minecraft PE.

There’re also some blocks used in more complex mechanisms like repeaters, sticky pistons, and others. It’s great to have them all in the game since they allow your creativity to flourish.

Generally, PocketPower mod pushed MCPE’s boundaries allowing users to have more freedom in constructio

0.14.0 – 1.19.51


No, it’s quite easy since there’re lots of tutorial videos on YouTube.

Use your Creative inventory for now.

Yes, you can build traps on any servers.


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