Download Minecraft PE Nether Update for free on Android: many bug fixes, tiny changes, and gameplay optimization.

What’s new in MCPE

Another Nether Update beta version introduces some crucial technical changes as well as a few new minor features.

For instance, there is a new Achievement menu, which has replaced the old one. Now, it looks so fabulous and convenient for use.

It turns out it’s been completely overhauled. Minecraft PE users can now see overall advancements and active achievements.

Besides, you can find tabs: completed, locked, and all. Generally, this menu is way better than the previous one.

However, it’s not available to everyone in MCPE It seems Mojang Studios releases it in waves, so it means you will get the updated menu in time.

Bug Fixes

One of the most recent Minecraft PE features is custom skins. These are made by users, applying body parts from the Marketplace.

You can get a lot of free content for simply playing the game and completing achievements. Nonetheless, most of it can only be purchased in the Store.

Players can literally craft themselves in the Character Creator. Still, there were loads of problems. It turns out others couldn’t see your skins on servers.

Luckily, it’s been fixed in MCPE On the other hand, Nintendo Switch users are once again able to play on their Realms worlds.


By the way, users can now modify the boss bars in Minecraft PE Plus, all walls finally connect to each other correctly.

Developers changed their behavior in the Nether Update. Now, they connect to glass, iron bars, fences, and much more. Generally, they look better.

Moreover, there is a Noto Sans license button in the Profile section of the Settings. Devs also fixed an issue when the game was rendered wrongly on some devices.

In general, MCPE proves once again that Mojang Studios is trying its best to bring stability and non-problem gameplay.



Simply open the Profile menu.

You can either buy them or craft your own one.

You can turn down your render distance.


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