MCPE 1.11.3

Download Minecraft PE 1.11.3 Village & Pillage for free on Android: more minor changes and general improvements.

MCPE 1.11.3 Features

Generally, Mojangs Studios has already added main Village & Pillage update features. However, there is still a lot to see and experience.

For example, there are an updated trading system and massive raiders’ attacks in Minecraft PE 1.11.3.

You can summon those by the “Bad Omen effect.”


Developers’ primary goal was to overhaul settlements, making them better and fancier. It turns out towns have wholly changed in MCPE 1.11.3.

Mojang Studios managed to redesign villages’ appearances. Now, there are brand new houses and buildings.

Besides, the town’s overview depends on the biomes it is situated in. For example, you can find taiga biome villages with triangular shapes made of pine.

Desert cities are obviously made of sandstone and terracotta in Minecraft PE 1.11.3. Meanwhile, jungle villages have an open design with lots of windows.

By the way, there are swamp settlements, but you can’t find them naturally. However, you can create one.

You’ll need to transfer inhabitants there, but you will be rewarded with their unique design in MCPE 1.11.3.


Moreover, Mojang Studios introduced over a dozen blocks. For example, barrels, bells, and some other things have received their functionality.

You can ring bells to warn the villagers about a danger or store something in pretty barrels of Minecraft PE 1.11.3.

Blast furnaces are used to melt ores faster. At the same time, the smoker cooks food way quicker than a regular oven would do.

There is also a stonecutter, which is used to craft different variations of the stone. You can craft cobblestone stairs, plates, etc.

On the other hand, campfires have updated their texture and models. Plus, they’ve got new smoke articles, sounds, and extinguishing ability in MCPE 1.11.3.

Besides, a user is able to cook something on a campfire. It accepts four items for simultaneous cooking.



You need to place beds, doors, and create a house.

You can transfer them with bell or using a boat.

You can use them to get rid of enhancements.


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