MCPE 1.4.1

Download Minecraft PE 1.4.1 Update Aquatic for free on Android: drowned, tridents, real fish, dolphins, and more.

MCPE 1.4.1 Highlights

Developers are now gladdening us with some extra marine stuff in Minecraft PE 1.4.1.


It turns out appealing dolphins are now a part of MCPE 1.4.1. They are relatively rapid and friendly and also love helping users in times of great need.

If you feed one with raw cod or salmon, it will bring you straight to the shipwreck or ocean ruins. These are the places with treasure maps and some delightful loot.

On the other hand, ordinary fish now swims in the oceans, seas, lakes, and the rivers of Minecraft PE 1.4.1. They are no longer just items but real mobs indeed.


Exploring vast tepid, warm, and cold waters is now even more thrilling than you might expect. Users will sometimes come across vivid coral reefs, freezing icebergs with polar bears, and more.

Kelp is another new vegetation in MCPE 1.4.1. You can dry it out and eat or make a block out of it. Plus, this block is only a decoration but more of a fuel for your furnace.

On the other hand, sea pickles can only be found in warm waters where tropical fish and pufferfish exclusively live.

They emit light, so you’ll locate it effortlessly.


Notwithstanding, be aware of a hostile and quite horrific mob in the dark depths in Minecraft PE 1.4.1. Drowned is another zombie type that spawns specifically in water.

It may yield a trident, a brand new weapon, and nautilus shells from time to time. Players won’t find it a problem to slay those brainless creatures, but they might present a more significant threat in groups.

Furthermore, once you get a trident, you can now utilize it in either melee or ranged fights.

It hurts a lot, so the owner will have a notable advantage over others in MCPE 1.4.1



Yes, you can grab fish in buckets.

You can make an aquarium.

Yes, it damages a lot.


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