Wither Storm

Download the Wither Storm mod for Minecraft PE: new bosses and challenges are now available

Wither Storm MCPE Mod Highlights

Minecraft PE possesses few epic bosses and challenges in the game. It disappoints the majority of players since they want to have something hard.

This sandbox survival game is rather easy to beat up, and thus many get creative inventing tons of new addons and mods.

This time they came up with a brilliant idea to entirely change the Wither in MCPE.

This mob has existed for a long time now but was rather an end-game content.


Once this addon is installed, players will be able to summon the most intricate and complicated to beat mobs ever.

The Wither now has six unique and deadly stages to go through.

Every time you complete the step, you have little time to restock and prepare for the next.

However, it’s rather impossible to victory him in Minecraft PE without any help.

You should call out your bravest and most robust friends.


As it’s been said, this boss is a tricky one, so you’ll need not only your friends’ help but a strategy too. It turns out it’s overpowered in MCPE.

Nevertheless, there is always a way to solve anything. Though it’ll be more difficult this time since the Wither has one million heart points in the first grade.

Luckily for the warriors, he doesn’t heal with time, so you may wait and resupply. Furthermore, the first four degrees are nearly the same.

Notwithstanding, it changes then — more lives and more power in Minecraft PE.

The most striking thing, however, is its shape changes. It turns out it becomes the very Wither Storm we remember from Minecraft: Story Mode.

At the last stage, this monster becomes incredibly massive and bulky. Obviously, it’s also almost invincible in MCPE.


Another exciting thing about this Minecraft PE mod is the Ultra Drowned.

It appears only on the Chinese version of the game and is dangerous as the Wither.

All in all, you have two epic and fascinatingly perilous bosses.

Wither Storm
0.14.0 – 1.19.51


No, there are only two new bosses.

It’s because it is available only on the Chinese version.


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