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Download Minecraft PE for android with a working Xbox Live: build using new wood, travel on bamboo rafts, meet camels in the deserts, and much more!

Minecraft Beta

This Minecraft PE update will allow players to use more materials for construction, ride desert mobs and place text on hanging signs.

There are also new means of transport for water travel.

Bamboo wood

New blocks can be helpful for players to build a house and other structures. You can even create a raft with a chest out of bamboo. Also, Minecraft players can make steps, doors, and fences from this resource.

Besides, you can make hanging signs from this type of wood.
The bamboo raft will become a new way of moving on the water. The transport has a chest on a board, where all the player’s belongings will fit.


This animal will become a new inhabitant of the Minecraft PE warm biomes. These mobs live in desert villages. The main feature of this creature is its high stature, thanks to which Steve, sitting on a camel, cannot be used as an opponent. By the way, you can’t go into deep waters riding a camel.

Two riders can even ride these animals together.

Hanging signs

If earlier players could put signs with text on the territory of the Minecraft world, now they can also hang them. Players can make these items from any type of wood, even bamboo. You can place signs under the selected block or to the side of it.

Hanging signs will no more attach to bamboo saplings.

Chiseled bookshelves

These shelves will be helpful for those who plan to create their library. Minecraft PE players can put their enchanted books on each. Using the comparator, you can find out which books the players took. It is a good addition for those who create their maps in MCPE.




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