Abandoned Amusement Park Map

Download the Abandoned Amusement Park map for Minecraft PE: experience a ride on exciting attractions and much more.

Abandoned Amusement Park MCPE Map Features

Minecraft PE has lots of blocks to build something truly outstanding. Players use these blocks to construct amusement parks, cities, and castles.

Sometimes they combine common construction elements with Redstone to ensure the complexity of their build.

This time, MCPE users have established something remarkably insane — a large amusement park, which has been abandoned for some reason.

You will be the first one to explore and enjoy this forgotten jewel. Despite the fact it’s deserted, the amusement park is fully functional.

It means users have full control of everything happening inside it in Minecraft PE.

Abandoned Theme Park

This map’s feature is that it’s a PVP location, which means you can have epic and ruthless battles.

It’s most likely to be described as a Hunger Games map too.

There are several chests in the middle of the park which contain useful loot. It’s usually swords, armaments, and some ammunition.

MCPE users’ goal is to survive and overdo other players. There are numerous containers around the amusement park.

Generally, this location is rather fascinating since there are so many unique and well-detailed locations.

There’s a gold mine, small shacks, a clown head-looking attraction, and so much more.

This Minecraft PE map’s creators recommend setting the difficulty to peaceful. Moreover, one should not break blocks.

Obviously, leaving the park is prohibited.


Although this MCPE location is not abandoned at all, there is still a lot to see. It turns out the author wanted the users to destroy it.

Nonetheless, one should explore it and have fun before the destruction. Developers promise five rollercoasters and loads of little snack shops.

Minecraft PE users are free to discover every bit of this amusement park and then burn to the ground.

Some of the buildings consist of fire-proof material, so you should use TNT to smash it.

Abandoned Theme Park
0.14.0 – 1.19.51
0.14.0 – 1.16.1


Usually, they are rather large than other buildings.

Yes, you can do that.

Since it’s a hunger-game-like map, the more, the better.


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