Bikini Bottom

Download Bikini Bottom map for Minecraft PE: one of the most memorable cities of all cartoons is available in the game.

What is Bikini Bottom in MCPE?

Bikini Bottom is a rather peaceful and lovely town from Sponge Bob: Square Pants animated series. It is the very place where our friend Spongy lived.

Now, you can experience the underwater metropolis freely — dozens of various buildings from living apartments to malls and police stations.

All of it is up to you to explore in Minecraft PE. The best and most significant part of it is the fact that you can play with your friends without any problems.

Features of the Map

Besides, the Bikini Bottom map is a neet choice to start your epic survival. It appears to be there are dozens if not hundreds of houses full of resources you might need in MPCE.

By the way, users can use some of the shacks as their shelters since mob spawning is enabled here.

First thing you should after the arrival is to find a sword.

Luckily or not but this version of Bikini Bottom is not situated underwater, which is oddly disappointing. If it was under the oceans, you would have had to think over your trips.

Oxygen ain’t limitless, so it’ll make Minecraft PE more challenging. Speaking about challenges, the author took it really seriously and managed to add all the most remarkable sights from the TV show.


You can find Sponge Bob’s house or the Mall where he had fun with his pal Patrick. There is even the sunken pirate ship. MCPE players should not worry about the ghosts — they are not here.

Another author’s ingenious idea was to make all the huts full with some decorations and chests. This indispensable decision allowed the city to thrive and reborn on eyes.

On the whole, Bikini Bottom map for Minecraft PE is an excellent choice for someone who is in desperate need of adventure, exploration, and wild and never-ending feelings.

Furthermore, this map supports all the game’s versions, so you do not have to disturb yourself about it.

Bikini Bottom
0.14.0 – 1.19.51


Now, but you can become one.

Yes, there is quite a lot to discover.

Yes, it is the best way for you since the map is fairly large.


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