Murder Mystery

Download Murder Mystery Map for Minecraft PE: team up with your friends and find the real killer.

Murder Mystery Map for MCPE

If you prefer strange and mysterious things, then you will definitely like the Murder Mystery Map. The authors of PVP games with the multiplayer game mode tried to make the investigation interesting and dynamic. To successfully complete the game, you need to be brave, agile, and know all the secrets that the Minecraft PE world conceals.

Murder Mystery 2: The Mine

To experience a horror Murder Mystery Map, the player needs to assemble a team of at least four people. The maximum number of players is 10. Before starting the game, there will be a role for each Minecraft PE user.

Only one will get the role of the killer, others will be witnesses. Roles are distributed randomly.

The player in the killer role will have to destroy the witnesses one by one quietly. And the witnesses, in turn, will have to find out who is the real killer.

The player can’t come back until the game is over. Also, it is forbidden to correspond in a chat with other participants during the game.

SG Murder Mystery

Great mini-game with PVP function. The required number of participants is five people. With fewer users, the game will not start. The aim of the game is the same as all similar maps: there is a killer, and victims. The killer must kill everyone unnoticed by the other victims, then he will win.

It is impossible to find out who is who because all the labels of the players will be hidden. The most important difference between SG Murder Mystery Map and others similar is that the victim has a chance to survive and catch the killer.

Minecraft PE player can do this with a bow. Weapons can be bought by paying gold for them, but Steve has no gold. Thus, in addition to the survival, players need to search for gold.

Forges Murder Mysteries Map

The main feature of this map is that it consists of three mini-games. The aim of each is different from the others. The Murder Mystery Map has 3 Locations: Farm, Peaches Castle, and the Catacombs. The main secret of the Farm is what happens to people when they enter the barnyard.

The Minecraft PE player gets into the beach castle. Once a girl was killed by an unknown Bowser with the fireballs. After the murder, the suspect disappears. He never admitted his guilt. Steve has to find out what happened on that ill-fated night in the castle.

To investigate the third murder, the player must go to the catacombs. He has to find out what happened to the caretaker. According to the latest version, during his last work shift, he fell into the catacombs and disappeared without a trace…

Murder Mystery 2
1.1.0 – 1.19.51
SG Murder Mystery
1.8.0 – 1.19.51
Forge Murder Mystery
1.16.0 – 1.19.51


In order to install the card, you need to move it to the address games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds.

After you download the file, run it. The map is automatically imported into the game.

Yes, it is suitable for a multiplayer game.


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