Download GTA mod for Minecraft PE: turn your peaceful sandbox into a cruel gang-fighting game.

GTA Mod Features

Grand Theft Auto and Minecraft PE are the two best-selling games of all time. Since recently, they are merged, thanks to the GTA addon. It makes all gang wars possible in the sandbox.

However, this modification enhances the game’s already existing aspects, making it way more interesting than it used to be.

Besides, other MCPE addons are changing the GUI, so it looks like the GTA’s one.

GTA Street Wars

According to the mod’s author, this addon is one of the most popular ones. Moreover, it’s one of the best ones too. It turns out Minecraft PE receives tons of weapons, skins, and mobs.

Unfortunately, most of the features replace existing assets. For example, the chainsaw is on the ax’s place, Mp5 — on bows, and thug’s knife on sword’s.

Those items authentically fit MCPE’s atmosphere since it’s now flooded with gangsters and criminals.

Obviously, the villagers have been replaced by gunmen and thugs from different gangs, meaning your life is now way more fragile than it was.

Nonetheless, ordinary villagers are neutral unless you attack them first. Unfortunately, you cannot tame those guys by any means in Minecraft PE.


Villagers aren’t the only ones replaced in the game — husks, zombies, skeletons, and many other mobs are now completely different.

For instance, Ballas gang members are husks, and zombie pigmen are cops now in MCPE. By the way, all gang members attack other bands, including police officers.

Cops are neutral, too, so you shouldn’t insult them unless you want a fight.

On the other hand, skeletons now serve as Vagos members, and this gang is one of the most dangerous ones out there. It appears they have Mp5 ready to shoot.

You can coop with law enforcement to fight them off in Minecraft. However, it’s going to be tough to keep prior zombie pigmen on your side.

0.14.0 – 1.19.51


They spawn in warm biomes.

They replace dangerous skeletons.

Since they only replace old tools, you can craft them the same way.


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