Download Minecraft PE for android with a working Xbox Live: going to the mangrove swamps, players may not be afraid of meeting a witch, they do not spawn in this biome.

Minecraft Bedrock Beta

Minecraft PE players will be able to get a new gaming experience, as well as have fun. In this update, the developers have tried to create the most comfortable atmosphere that will help players in the process of survival.

To do this, errors related to the Enderman teleportation range have been fixed. It has been reduced to eliminate the possibility of the mob disappearing when moving. Also, previously drowned people stopped appearing in the biomes of warm oceans, but in this version, their spawn is resumed.


All the creatures that players meet on their way have unique features and abilities. Heroes can make friends with some of them or even create their farms. In Minecraft, NPC names will only be displayed when looking at them.

A crash was also fixed due to which some shalkers remained unpainted.

It is worth noting that some of the creatures can be dangerous for players and a meeting with them can end in death. One of these monsters is Warden, which is capable of hitting even a well-equipped player with only two attacks.

Technical changes

Each version of the game features more advanced gameplay and a thoughtful interface. Various settings and functions are available to players. Minecraft PE fixed a problem that occurred when deleting worlds.

Also, players will no longer be able to get an old seedling by selecting the necessary block in the inventory. By the way, banners will appear correctly in newly created structures.

Players in the observer mode can not be afraid of lava boilers, the developers have excluded burning animation for them. Problems related to touch controls have been solved.



Yes, this mob can attack any other creature of the game.

The range of his teleportation has been reduced.


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