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Download Minecraft PE for android with a working Xbox Live: choose a favorite character in the dressing room, meet improved camels, and keep all the books in one storage!

What’s new in Minecraft

Mojang fixed bugs and added a variety of interesting features and functions to Minecraft There are camels in the desert villages, bamboo wood, and many more items for players.

Users can also get to know new characters that can be used instead of Steve and Alex.


Building in Minecraft PE is getting more interesting with each new update. Developers try to add something new and this time players can find bamboo blocks.

There are some changes in red sandstone: its undersides became smoother.


Camels in Minecraft have new features. Its spawn egg got additional colors. The animations also became different: it matches the animal’s speed and looks even more realistic. Riding it, players can explore the biomes.

By the way, one camel can transport two users.

New items

Players can place their books on the chiseled bookshelves in Minecraft PE six on each. There is also a function to remove the book.

These shelves have their own recipes: it is possible to make the items from any type of wood.

Hanging signs became a new way to write messages to other players in the game. These items help to make the text more noticeable. All types of wood can be material for crafting new signs.

Other changes

There is a new flow to introduce additional characters to the dressing room in Minecraft It helps to understand how to use them in the game.

The Mojang developers also fixed many bugs. For instance, players had problems walking through some walls because they were stuck inside some blocks.

Players in spectator mode can not spawn Warden using sculk shrieker anymore.




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