Download the Toolbox mod for Minecraft PE: expand your capabilities and push the boundaries of the possible.

What does the Toolbox mod do in MCPE?

Minecraft PE players have always wanted something more than what they have in the original game. It turns out its inventory abilities were scarce.

Therefore many mod makers have decided to team up and create something truly outstanding. Eventually, they ended up with Too Many Items.

This addon allowed you to use an expanded version of your storage. An MCPE user could actually use quite a handy sidebar and even control the weather.

However, its realization wasn’t perfect, so it evolved into Toolbox.

Recipes and origins

According to the mod’s developers, they tried to implement as much stuff as possible in Minecraft PE. Ultimately, you can control a variety of things.

Once the addon’s installed, a player will see the “M” button on the left side of its screen. You are gonna open the very command center.

You access many blocks, change the weather, and even find out recipes in MCPE.

By the way, it’s quite effortless now to learn how things are made. Just choose any, and you’ll get what you need.

Enchanting and settings

This Minecraft PE addon also allows you to enchant things without a table and gaming experience. All you need to do is to tap on the right button.

A user then chooses its witchings and the items it wants to fascinate. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about your levels since it’s free.

Moreover, there is also a chance to change and set your world’s settings. It turns out you can really adjust the gamemode, dimension, and fly.

A player is capable of turning off the hunger system and heal himself instantly in MCPE.


Besides, there’s even an opportunity to set the teleport point in Minecraft PE. It’s quite quick and easy to do, by the way.

Furthermore, you can create a lot of those points, so you could travel between different locations with no trouble.

All in all, the Toolbox mod is quite convenient and handy.

Toolbox Mod
0.14.0 – 1.19.51


You need to press the “M” button or the three dots.

Simply select the item you need.

No, it’s called cheating.


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