MCPE 0.15.3

Download Minecraft PE 0.15.3 Friendly Update for free on Android: actual horses, chest carrying donkeys, and even robust mules with dozens of other features.

What’s new in MCPE 0.15.3?

Another major overhaul is to fix many technical issues and to solve all so desirable parts. For instance, Minecraft PE 0.15.3 finally features horses and their friends — donkeys & mules.


MCPE 0.15.3 users can eventually mount some of the few animals and ride them freely. However, one can even mount a pig using a saddle. Though, you’ll need a stick with a carrot to control it.

Pigs love carrots and will follow if you hold one on a stick in front of their face.

Furthermore, there’s even an achievement “Pigs can fly.”

Hogs are not as fast as you might things, though. Yet, you can speed them up if you tap with your carrot on a random space. It’ll take your durability, but piggies shall run faster in Minecraft PE 0.15.3.


On the other hand, you must tame a stallion in MCPE 0.15.3 if you want to ride it. Still, the process is less effortful than one with a dog: simply mount them infinitely.

Once you witness red hearts rising from a horse, it denotes it fell in love with you. Now, open your inventory and put on a saddle. Additionally, there’s an armor slot.

Developers also introduced horse armor kits of four different materials: leather, gold, iron, and diamond. It means one can protect its mount in Minecraft PE 0.15.3.


Mojang Studios has belatedly presented Normal and Sticky Pistons. This block is one of the most critical inventions in Redstone contraptions.

Pistons can literally move blocks, and sticky ones pull them back. That’s how it works in MCPE 0.15.3. However, it is not as simple as you might think.

First of all, users have to craft those using cobblestone, Redstone, and wooden planks.

Secondly, you’ll have to wire them into one united circuit, so it would work.



You need to breed a horse and a donkey.

Combine a piston with a slime ball.


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