Download Minecraft PE Nether Update for free on Android: global enhancements, loads of technical and graphical improvements, and many more.

MCPE Main Features

Game developers have been working hard in order to fix millions of tiny but annoying bugs. This time, they managed to make their sandbox survival even more accessible.

Like, the UI reader read all the screen title in-game. It also pronounces shortcut buttons on the Pause Screen. Thus, it’s easier to play the game for people with vision problems in MCPE

Besides, the very UI reader also sees the Character Editor’s writings and numberings.


Mojang Studios decided to add new Death Screen messages in Minecraft PE And some of them are quite funny.

For instance, if a player dies by shulker, he’ll see a “sniped by shulker” message rather than “slain” by it. On the other hand, once dead by Blazes or Ghasts, you will see a “fireballed by a Blaze/Ghast.”

Furthermore, if you manage to die by a llama, you will get a “spitballed by Llama” report. MCPE users will also see an “impaled to death by a trident” information.

Mobs and others

There are other improvements as well. As a matter of fact, raid now work a bit better since their spawning point is now more correct.

It means raiders will appear somewhere where they will be able to get to the village as fast as possible in Minecraft PE

Moreover, some technical changes have happened in the game. Therefore we’ve got a less sophisticated way to create mods and texture packs.

Generally, creators would love these updates. The Nether Update itself introduced tons of things to work with.

Chains, blue fire, bartering, and many more are now a part of this sandbox survival. MCPE made things the cutting edge level.



You need to find ancient debris, utilize it, and then combine with something diamond.

Use iron nuggets to make these.


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