Download Minecraft PE for android with a working Xbox Live: explore new biomes in the mountains, meet frogs and their unique sounds and try the additional game mode!

What’s interesting in Minecraft

Minecraft update Caves & Cliffs Part 2 will interest those who have long wanted to explore new biomes. The Majong developers have added new terrain types as part of improving game generation.

In addition, unique mobs appeared in the vastness of the blocky world, which was not there before. The new game mode is also worth paying attention to!


The Mahjong team did not forget to add new mobs to Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Part 2. Among them are frogs that live in the vicinity of swamps. Adults grow out of small tadpoles. Amphibians can be bred, for this players will need algae.


Among the biomes added to Minecraft on, you can find Stony Peaks. This location is generated in secluded corners of the world, so it’s not easy to find it. You should search on the hills. It is best to head closer to the mountains. The value of this biome is due to the presence of a large number of valuable resources, including copper and iron.

Sometimes gold can also be found. By the way, in the vicinity of the Rocky Peaks, you can find goats. These mobs live in similar places. Other new locations are generated below. For example, High Peaks and Snowy Peaks. These places are almost entirely composed of snow and ice.

Mountain Groves and Mountain Meadows are biomes of a similar type but assume a warmer climate. In addition, there are rabbits and flowers.

Wild update

An interesting addition from the game authors: in Minecraft, it became possible to switch to a new experimental mode. He adds sculk blocks and the effect of darkness to the cube world. In order to evaluate the Wild Update, you need to use the Wild Update switch in the settings.



Emits a sound signal identical to the horn sound played during a raid.

They spawn all throughout the world.


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