Baldi Basics

Download the Baldi Basics map for Minecraft PE: experience the overhauled horror gameplay.

Baldi Basics MCPE Map Highlights

Minecraft PE is not just about survival and building. This outstanding game gives almost unlimited possibilities for recreating other games.

It means you can turn it to Skyrim, Doom, or GTA. The game’s tools let you do remarkable things, and this time they have been used to bring Baldi Basics.

That mobile horror game is now available to be played by MCPE users anytime they want.

Find the Button

Minecraft PE creators are quite zealous when it comes to maps. Therefore the Web is full of hundreds of other games’ recreations.

Baldi Basics was no exception. One of these maps represents an entertaining map where a player has to find a button in order to go to the next level.

However, compared with most of the other similar maps, this one has a story and background.

It turns out your friend forgot his notebooks in the school, and you have to find and bring them back since he can’t do it himself.

MCPE users will be challenged by Mr. Baldi, and if you make him mad, he’s gonna chase and beat you down.

Therefore you have to be completely inconspicuous and obscure. There are lots of room you’ve got to explore, so it can take a lot of time in Minecraft PE.

Survival map

This MCPE location is slightly different from the previous one since you don’t have to look for some notes.

First of all, it’s a minigame map, which means there’ll be tasks and rewards. Generally, you have to protect yourself and slay as many enemies as you can.

There are new creatures as well, making it harder to complete. Each of those is unique and has its abilities in Minecraft PE.

For instance, the bully can take away all your items. Obviously, users will be left no choice but to fight off swarms of those despicable people.

As always, all of it happens at the famous school.

All in all, these MCPE locations will deliver you one of the best gaming experiences.

Find the Button
0.14.0 – 1.19.51
Survival Baldi
0.14.0 – 1.16.1


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