Download village maps for Minecraft PE: small settlements, enormous castles, and majestic buildings are in the game now.

What can you find in MCPE village maps?

Minecraft PE players are big fans of arranging and building up villages and towns with castles. It’s easy to find a medieval marketplace with knights and warriors all around the city.

Although MCPE is known for its capacity to become anything you want, it is mostly considered to be a medieval type of game. That’s why there are more palaces than spaceships in the game.

Eventually, we do not have guns but swords and bows.

TRG Village

According to the developer, this Minecraft PE map is one of the most fascinating ones you can come across on the Web. It represents a little feudal town with a large cobblestone castle in the middle of it.

Some parts are made of wood, so it’s definitely not a luxurious palace of a king. Nonetheless, its settlement seems to be thriving. Most of the houses are made of wood and also contain filled with handy stuff chests.

Besides, its defenses appear to be strong enough to protect the villagers from the MCPE dangers of any kind. Moreover, peasants have tons of food since their irrigated lands are massive.

All in all, it’s a great place to start your unbelievable survival adventures.

DJs Castle Hide and Seek

This Minecraft PE map combines the two most extraordinary genres in one. Majestic castles and funny minigames once consolidated give you enormous satisfaction.

Hide-and-seek rules are quite comfortable on this map. One player is trying to find others while they are trying to their best hiding themselves.

And all of it happens in a bulky castle with stableskitchensdungeons, and dormitories in MCPE. Ultimately, users will have fun exploring this place and hiding from the seeker for sure.

Nonetheless, to get the best possible experience, you’ll obviously need some of your friends to join the game.

TRG Village
0.14.0 – 1.19.51
Name Version File TRG Village 0.14.0 – 1.19.51 DOWNLOAD DJs Castle Hide and Seek
0.14.0 – 1.19.51


In the past, people had to protect themselves from any kind of danger.

Yes, most of the castles you’ll find are enormous.

Yes, they have everything you want to survive.


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