Download Minecraft PE Nether Update for free on Android: there are some exciting improvements and numerous pretty blocks.

MCPE Highlights

Generally, the developing cycle of the Nether Update is coming to an end, and therefore there are fewer and fewer significant changes.

However, Mojang Studios is still doing its best to make sure users get the best possible gameplay. Thus we’ve got new songs in Minecraft PE

One of them is Pigstep. This rather bizarre song was composed by Lena Raine, the composer of Celeste. You can find this music tape anywhere in the Nether, but there are also other songs.

Players will hear them throughout the Nether Realm. Do not forget about old tunes as well. Now, we have so many melodies that create a unique vibe while exploring in MCPE


Although this update is all about the Nether, other parts of the sandbox survival game bettered as well. For instance, when a tall pine grows up, its surrounding grass blocks turn into podzol.

Furthermore, iron golems, the guardians of villages, now have increased spawn rates in Minecraft PE By the way, Endermen no longer pick up netherrack.

They can actually spawn in the Warped Forest now. Besides, they are the only creatures that live there, except Striders.

Those little, warm-hearted guys do not attack players and even ready to be mounted by users. Nevertheless, you will still need a stick with mushroom to control them.


The notorious cultivating tool finally receives its own major overhaul. First of all, it can be used to destroy leaves, shroomlights, kelp blocks, sponges, and hay bales with a faster rate than any other tool in MCPE

Moreover, you can actually enchant hoes with Silk Touch, Fortune, and Efficiency.

It means this rather useless tool before belatedly gets what it deserves.



They spawn beside the Warped Forest in lava pools

No, you cannot do it since they are only hostile.

You will most likely find it in Nether Fortresses and Piglin Bastions.


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