Download the superhero mod for Minecraft PE: become invincible and save an entire village.

Superheroes in MCPE

Humanity has always been in trouble. Centuries of neverending wars and disasters have made people think up someone who is there to protect them.

That’s how superheroes first appeared in the world. It is believed those have become popular with Marvel comics.
Therefore most of the superheroes in Minecraft PE will be from the Marvel universe.

New armors

The Superhero mod doesn’t add anything quite outstanding. However, there are twenty-one sets of superheroic armor in MCPE.

It means you can become one of those multiple guys with superpowers. Notwithstanding, a player will even be able to get those dresses in Survival.

Each of the armor set is designed to fulfill players’ needs. Some of them will let you jump higher, others to run swiftly in Minecraft PE.

All in all, those sets are truly worth getting.


It turns out this MCPE modification has a story you should follow to obtain all the things you need. First of all, craft a Start Something Epic.

Then tap with it on the ground to get a comics book. It is used to summon a boss in the game. The first boss is Red Skull.

Afterward, Minecraft PE player will get another book spawning Captain America. He’s way more robust than the previous one.

However, once defeated, he’d drop the third and the final book called “Civil War.” You’ll have to fight off a few mobs to get your first armor set.

It’s Batman armaments. It appears there are DC Comics superheroes as well in MCPE, which is great since the more epic sets are there, the better it is for everyone.


Generally, you can become one of the Earth’s saviors. For example, a user may obtain the power of Superman, Flash, Aquaman, and even Green Lantern.

There is also, Nightwing, Green Arrow, Wonder Woman, and Speedy. Obviously, all of them have something unique in Minecraft PE.

For instance, Bat has a night vision and increased strength.

War Machine can endlessly shoot arrows, and Iron Man is quite fast, durable, and nearly invincible.

Superhero Mod
0.14.0 – 1.19.51


For sure, you can gain the superpowers of his.

No, you cannot become a supervillain.


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